Cosmétosciences in numbers

Between 2015 and 2022, Cosmétosciences encouraged the emergence of 35 collaborative research projects that linked 23 research teams from 12 academic laboratories (University of Orléans, University of Tours and CNRS) to 24 industrial partners, mainly in the Centre-Val de Loire region but also in France and abroad.

International researchers

Collaborative research projects

Non-permanent researchers

Industrial partners

Research teams


Master 2 students

Events for students, schools and the general public

In this way,

  • 60 non-permanent researchers (postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students, work placement students) were employed.
  • 40 Master’s degree students from regional and national courses were able to complete their end-of-study work placement in the laboratories of the Centre-Val de Loire region.
  • 10 international researchers were welcomed.
  • 50 events for students, schools and the general public.

In addition, in partnership with Centre Sciences (Centre for the dissemination of the CVL region’s Technical and Industrial Scientific Culture), an educational kit and an exhibition of ‘the secrets of cosmetics’ panels were created, to develop and facilitate awareness-raising workshops in schools and for the general public.