INNOCOSM New ways of obtaining phytoactives for cosmetics

The goal of the Innocosm project is to develop innovative approaches in plant sourcing for the production of metabolites of interest to the cosmetic sector, by controlling production conditions in biotechnological systems or from co-products.

Enhancement of five emblematic Centre-Val de Loire plants to obtain phytoactives for cosmetics

Obtaining phytoactives for cosmetics using 5 plants from the Centre-Val de Loire region

This project is a response to the need for natural products derived from extraction from cultivated or harvested plants. The goal is to propose the establishment of plant resources derived either from innovative biotechnological systems based on in vitro culture or from the enhancement of plant co-products for the establishment of cosmetic ingredients. In particular, the project proposes to enhance five emblematic Centre-Val de Loire plants that are compatible with the so-called ‘China’ list for the manufacture of cosmetic products authorised for distribution on this market and chosen in agreement with the manufacturing partner EVONIK.

In vitro culture and co-products for the production of phytoactives

For each of the target species, in vitro cultures were initiated using different organs, the nature of which can influence the production of biomolecules both quantitatively and qualitatively. At the same time, the co-products, due to their richness in various phytochemical compounds belonging to different molecular families, were the first to undergo phytochemical screening. A green, efficient and rapid method was put in place for eco-friendly extraction and biological activity tests (in-vitro and cellular antioxidant) were carried out. Innovative compounds that can be used in cosmetics were identified and their biological activities were characterised. This methodology can be applied to other biotechnological co-products and cultures.
Project partners 3 ACADEMIC laboratories
  • BBV (EA2106 – University of TOURS)
  • ICOA (UMR3711 – University of ORLÉANS / CNRS)
  • LBLGC (EA1207 – University of ORLÉANS / USC1328 – INRAE)
1 INDUSTRIAL partner
  • 2 post-doctoral researchers
  • 1 doctoral student
  • Master’s degree work placement students


K€ over 3 years

regional funding (ARD CVL)

Contact Nathalie GUIVARC’H BBV (EA2106 – University of TOURS) Arnaud LANOUE BBV (EA2106 – University of TOURS)