COSMETOPOP Enhancement of poplar root exudates for cosmetic purposes

The specificity of the project focuses primarily on the identification of new active molecules derived from the root compartment of the poplar, which has scarcely been studied to date for this model plant, and the discovery of properties that are currently highly desirable in the cosmetics sector for the protection of cutaneous microbiota. Another innovative aspect of the project is to compare molecules produced under normal water conditions with those from limited water conditions in order to identify molecules with different potentialities.

Discovery in the black poplar of root exudate properties that are highly desirable in cosmetics

use of root exudates in cosmetics

There is currently a high demand amongst consumers for the use of good quality biosourced active materials and preservatives in the composition of cosmetic preparations. To meet this demand, the cosmetics industry is looking for new plant molecules as part of a sustainable and responsible development approach. The project should make it possible to obtain new antimicrobial molecules that would preserve cosmetic formulas and protect the cutaneous microbiota from a very widespread and emblematic plant resource in the Centre Val de Loire region, the black poplar (Populus Nigra Salicaceae)

High preservative or prebiotic potentialities of black poplar roots

Cosmetopop aims to explore, with a view to a cosmetic application, the preservative (antimicrobial) or prebiotic (protection of the cutaneous microbiota) potentialities of mucilages and exudates produced by black poplar root crops. Regarding the ecological aspect, this project is part of a sustainable approach for cosmetics because molecules can be produced via ‘green’ biotechnological processes that will have no impact on biodiversity and will not require new agricultural areas.
Project partners 2 ACADEMIC laboratories
  • LBLGC (UPRES EA1207 – University of Orléans)
  • Glyco-MEV (UR 4358 – University of Rouen Normandy)
2 INDUSTRIAL partners
  • Alban Muller International, FONTENAY SUR EURE (28)
  • GlycoDiag, ORLEANS (45)
  • 1 Study engineer
  • BTS 2 and Master 2 work placement students


K€ over 3 years

regional funding (ARD CVL)

Contact Frédéric LAMBLIN LBLGC (UPRES EA1207 – University of Orléans)