Structuring and reinforcing regional expertise in cosmetics in 3 phases

Since its creation in 2015, Cosmétosciences has supported a dynamic of research and innovation in cosmetics.
Funded by the Centre-Val de Loire region, Cosmétosciences is backed by the University of Orléans in partnership with the University of Tours, the CNRS, the competitiveness cluster Cosmetic Valley, which brings together private players in the cosmetics sector and Le Studium, an institute for advanced studies that assists with international research exchanges.

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Cosmetosciences, the only programme existing on a European scale that is specific to cosmetics research

The academic skills of the research teams involved in Cosmétosciences offer a response to the requirements of the cosmetics sector, with more than 40 research and innovation projects conducted in partnership with manufacturers in 7 years.
Just as the interest of these members has widened, so the field of expertise of the programme’s activities now extends from the selection of plant matter to the finished product, with three main research topics

From the selection of plant matter to the finished cosmetic product

Naturalness and eco-friendly processes

Characterisation of biological activity and the safety of the product

Formulation and sensoriality

The ‘Research & Development Ambition’ programme,
what is it?

The Centre-Val de Loire Research & Development Ambition is a programme that aims to develop in the Centre-Val de Loire region a research cluster that is committed to excellence and development by capitalising on the multidisciplinarity of teams drawn from a number of research establishments and by associating regional companies with them in order to create synergies.
Bringing members of the programme into contact with one another and sharing the variety of skills within the programme makes it possible to boost interactions between the various members to encourage the growth and development of the entire network and speed up the placing on the market of new products, services or processes.

Since 2021, Cosmétosciences has funded five new collaborative research projects:


New ways of obtaining phytoactives for cosmetic purposes

enhancement of plant co-products


Enhancement of poplar root exudates for cosmetic purposes

exploration of antimicrobial potentialities


Integrated eco-responsible
processes for cosmetic ingredients

eco-responsible production of ingredients


Non-invasive method for personalising dermocosmetic treatments

Raman and plasma application for in vivo biological activity


Selective suppression of cells for the safety of cosmetic ingredients

evaluation of the safety of cosmetic active ingredients

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Creation of the first collaborative entrepreneurship laboratory in France dedicated to cosmetics expertise

Phase 2 of the Cosmétosciences programme also allowed the creation of the We Lab Cosmetic ®, the first laboratory in France to support entrepreneurship, dedicated to cosmetics expertise.

This structure, made up of 3 laboratories for extraction analytical chemistry and plant analysis, formula stability formulation and biology (cellular toxicity test, enzymatic and biochemical tests) allows anyone (student, independent individual) with a cosmetics idea (cosmaker®) to perform a technical proof of concept of the idea in premises based on the University of Orléans campus. Thanks to the network of partners woven by We Lab Cosmetic®, the cosmaker® can then be su0ported by various players from the regional ecosystem to continue to develop his/her project.

Initiated by Cosmétosciences, the We Lab Cosmetic® today offers an activity of support for entrepreneurs, student/company projects service provisions for autonomous manufacturers.